Providing professional managment & support for business growth

The Economic Development Fund, Inc. provides professional management, technical support, and access to capital for businesses with significant potential for growth and expansion

What is the Economic Development Fund?

EDF Inc is a Guyanese institution that provides professional management services, offers technical support, and gives capital access to businesses with significant potential for growth and expansion

Our Mission

Guyana, like many countries with developing economies, is challenged with regard to knowledge-based businesses without immovable assets finding access to high-level technical support (based on international business experiences and best practices), as well as access to capital.

This means that growing businesses often “starve” due to inadequate private sector support. Banks are not in the business of taking risks. We are able to step in to provide the right kinds of support to the best of these businesses.

Like many small companies around the world, Guyana’s business owners have difficulty viewing their firms’ operations objectively, assessing their products’ competitiveness, pricing products and services to ensure profitability, scaling up, and positioning their businesses to attract investment.

What We Do

EDF provides professional management services, technical support, and access to capital to transform startups and growing enterprises into investible, competitive companies that can provide high-quality products and related services beyond Guyana’s borders.

In collaboration with fiscal and philanthropic sponsors, EDF bridges the gap between emerging business and needed operational funds by offering professional management services, technical support, and access to capital. Through extensive business management consultation, EDF transforms SGBs into marketable, investible companies, fit for global expansion.

The Businesses We Help

We are a Guyanese company with international roots. We’ve had the privilege of working with a variety of national and international brands. We use our experience and network of partners to support Guyanese entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes across multiple sectors.

  • Innovative Businesses
  • Knowledge Economy
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Agricultural Tech
  • Agricultral Processing
  • Asset Light Businesses
  • Technology

How We Help You Grow

Professional Management

We provide professional management services to help your business.

Technical Support

We provide technical support services to help your business.

Access to Capital

We help your business get access to capital to drive business growth.

Our Partners

We collaborate with a vast network of local and international partners who provide financial support, resources, sponsorship, and more.

Let’s Talk About Your Business Growth with You!